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What is a union?

Unions are teams of individuals coming together to guarantee workers the things you care about like decent wages, affordable health care, job security, safe and respectful workplaces, and fair scheduling. Unions represent employees in a given workplace as a collective unit, negotiating with management to set fair standards for the whole. Unions ensure that if a personal or collective problem arises at work, that there are processes in place to address and resolve the issue. Union members democratically elect their leaders who are then responsible for advocating for the good of the unit.

What does it mean when I sign my digital authorization card?

When a worker signs a union authorization card, that worker agrees to be represented by that particular union as part of a larger bargaining unit in the workplace. You do NOT automatically become a member of the union by submitting a card.

Authorization cards are anonymous to all employers – Encore management will never know exactly who signed cards and who didn’t. A union needs authorization cards from 30% of employees in a given unit to petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for an election.

When will we have our union election at Encore?

IBEW Local 103 will petition the National Labor Relations Board for an election once we have received the appropriate number of cards signed by Encore employees in the unit. The election will take place approximately one month after we submit a petition.

What happens in the election?

When the election takes place, Encore employees in the bargaining unit will be invited to cast their anonymous votes on a given day (details to follow). Voting is voluntary. If most people vote in favor of IBEW Local 103 representation, then the union will officially go into effect, and Local 103 will sit down to negotiate with management. If most people vote against the union, then the election and organizing drive will cease immediately.

Why choose IBEW Local 103 for our union?

  • One of the largest, most effective unions in New England
  • Healthcare you can afford
  • Multi-year contracts guarantee better wages and benefits
  • Better retirement benefits
  • Ongoing training = increased skills and better pay/opportunity
  • Experience negotiating with dozens of Boston’s top institutions
  • Improving the quality of life of ALL members since 1900 

Will my wages go down?

Absolutely not. No one will see a wage decrease as a result of negotiations. IBEW Local 103 will only accept positive changes in the compensation of employees, meaning your existing wages will be used as a jumping off point in negotiation, subject only to increase, not decrease.

What will my health benefits be like?

Like your wages, IBEW Local 103 will only negotiate for better health benefits than you have currently. We will fight to win you more coverage, lower deductibles, and zero copays for testing and treatments related to the novel coronavirus.

What will my retirement package be like?

IBEW Local 103 will fight to win you a better retirement package than the one you have currently. For a 401k plan, that would mean the highest-possible contribution match from the employer.

Will I get parking at work?

While Encore does not allow employees to park on the premises, IBEW Local 103 will negotiate to win employees parking stipends from the employer, additional to their wages, so that you may park in a nearby lot if you choose. 

What about layoffs?

IBEW Local 103 will fight hard against layoffs, and will work towards implementing a fair process if layoffs absolutely cannot be avoided.