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Better wages – Better healthcare – Better retirement

Stick with IBEW Local 103 to ensure a better, brighter future for you and your family!

When a worker signs a union authorization card, that worker is agreeing to be represented, by that particular union, as part of a larger bargaining unit in the workplace.

You do NOT automatically become a member of the union by submitting a card.

If enough cards are signed, and the union is established (by either voluntary recognition from the employer, or by an election), the union will represent the workers in the bargaining unit in negotiations with management, regarding wages, overtime, healthcare, retirement, workplace safety and hygiene standards, training, fair and equitable treatment, and much more. 

Authorization cards are anonymous to all employers — Encore management will never know exactly who signed cards and who didn’t. You are legally protected from retaliation from your employer. You cannot be punished or terminated for signing a union card.

**Please contact if you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting your form.

UPDATE: The union is already winning for you! As a result of our organizing, Encore Casino has awarded 5% wage increases across the board for Encore dealers. Just imagine the potential we have to improve working conditions for you and your peers if we unionize and bargain directly with Encore management!

Encore Dealers, 

You work hard day and night to provide Encore guests with the best-possible gaming experience. You deserve increased wages, transparent tip distribution, fair and consistent work schedules, and a voice at the table. You deserve representation by IBEW Local 103 union.

100+ of your fellow Encore coworkers have already joined our union. Since then, Local 103 has proudly won each of them 10%+ on average and up to 20%+ in wage increases! We have also successfully solidified policies and procedures for shifts and overtime when working more than 8 hours. You can count on us and the power of 10,000 members to deliver the best wages, benefits and working conditions in your industry to you and your family.  

At Local 103, when we fight, we win. Local 103 is prepared to go to the bargaining table and secure the working conditions and compensation you deserve.

Click here to learn more about how Local 103 will fight for you. We hope to welcome you into our union soon. 

In solidarity,

Lou Antonellis,
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
IBEW Local 103

One of the fastest-growing unions in the country

Healthcare you can afford

Multi-year contracts guarantee better wages and benefits

Better retirement benefits

Ongoing training = increased skills and better pay/opportunity

Stand with IBEW Local 103 to make sure the strongest union is fighting for you! When you stick with us, you win the support of 10,000 members.